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See The Pokémon: Liquid Crystal Awards

Over the course of Pokémon: Liquid Crystal’s Development, it’s received a few Awards from different communities where it used to be maintained.

Annual Hack Award
The Annual Hack Award is an Award given to a hack which has been chosen to be the best of the current year out of all actively maintained hacks on the community. This Award was given to Pokémon: Liquid Crystal at the time when Beta 1.1 was first released on Pokémon Hackers Online, a popular ROM Hacking forum.

pokemon rom hack awards

Hack of the Month
The Hack of the Month is a competition which goes on at the Pokécommunity forums. A group of people will vote the best hacks from the month, and the public will vote for the best one. In April 2009, on the 25th Pokémon: Liquid Crystal 2.1 was released on the Forums there. It was given this award on the same month.

pokemon rom hack awards

Hack of the Year
Hack of the Year is one of the biggest ROM Hacking competitions on the Pokécommunity Forums. They give various Awards to different hacks under a set amount of categories. In 2010, Pokémon: Liquid Crystal received first place for the Best Gameplay Award, along with some other Awards too.

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pokemon rom hack awards

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