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Get Pokémon: Liquid Crystal Help from the IRC Chat

You can use this page to chat and get Pokémon: Liquid Crystal help in the #liquidcrystal IRC chat room, I’ll always be here but might not be available to chat, so leave a message and someone will respond at some point in the future. However, if you would like to get help from the LC playing community you can ask questions on the PHO Thread for LC. You can also connect to the IRC channel using an external client by using the following settings: irc.linkandzelda.com:6667 channel: #liquidcrystal. If you’re a fellow ROM Hacker, you can connect also to the #rhm channel, the official IRC ROM Hacking channel of Pokémon Hackers Online and Romhack.me.

Please ping Linkandzelda directly if you do not get a response.

You can use the /list command to connect to other channels and the /join #help command for more information.

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