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Watch Videos of Pokémon: Liquid Crystal

Welcome to the Videos section of the Official Pokémon: Liquid Crystal website. Here you can find various videos of Pokémon: Liquid Crystal in action.

Before a release we like to hype things up by releasing an epic Trailer showing off the game and announcing new features. The first of these 2 Trailers was created for the 3.1 Beta Version set to be released in 2011. The second Trailer was to announce the release date of the 3.1 Beta Version, being December 25th 2011.

Sometimes, we just feel like posting random videos to show off a new Feature or just a random piece of the game.

Story Events
From time to time we like to upload a demonstration of a Script or a Story event that happens in the game. Be warned! Do not watch these videos unless you don’t mind spoilers.

Work In Progress
Work in progress is always fun, and we like to show off the latest and greatest things in Pokémon: Liquid Crystal for all upcoming features.

In The Beginning
Pokémon: Liquid Crystal started in July 2007, and this is what it looked like back in the early days of development. It’s incredible how far it’s come since then.

Notable Bugs
During development, we came across some pretty funny and amazing bugs. Thought we would share some of the best with you.

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